Friday, December 29, 2017

Taking a Chance in 2018

The new year always presents opportunities and risks.  We sometimes resist change claiming the cost or effort involved.  My experience is that caution, comfort, and complacency are the true conspirators in blocking progress. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is easy to say, but nagging doubt, and fear of failure, is the human condition. 

12 years ago I decided to move to Singapore from Kansas City.  The exciting and exotic draw of Asia compelled me, but still I was hesitant. This was a life-change at daunting scale. 

I went to my mentor, an older fellow who had lived about 3/4 of a full life. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Tom, I am so excited to go. I got a great job over there. It’s gonna be so new, different, and cool... but I’m still a little scared!

Tom: There’s no such thing as a parking spot you can’t pull out of. 

Me: (eyebrow raised) What do mean?

Tom: You’ve made a decision to move Singapore, right?

Me: uh-huh....

Tom: well, if you get there and it doesn’t work out, you can make another decision. You can try something else or even come back home. 

Me: ohhhhhh....

It’s been 12 years.

If I hadn’t ignored my fear and taken a risk back then, my life wouldn’t be what it is now!

My career took off like a rocket in Singapore. I’ve been on more adventures & taken more photos than I can ever share. I found a beautiful Wife and we have 2 great kids. Everything seems to have worked out and this parking space is awfully comfortable. Too comfortable....maybe it’s time for another decision.

Let’s not be afraid to get out of the comfort zone in 2018. Wether with adopting new technology, opening up to new love, welcoming work challenges, meeting new people, going to new places, or trying new foods.... let’s grab it all.

If things doesn’t work out, we can always make another decision!