Monday, March 2, 2015

BIM is Too New, We Still Need Time to Figure it Out!

If you have been in this business for as long as I have, that statement sounds less like business reality and more like an admission of laziness and avoidance of a changing marketplace.

Occasionally, I am lucky enough to find artifacts which backup my (pointed) opinion.  This weekend at a thrift store I found a stack of old issues of National Geographic.  This one from June 1989 caught my eye...

Who wouldn't want to walk down memory lane and see the hot & sexy computer graphics of yester-year!  I got an eyeful.

"Intergraph now sells workstations with graphics software packages for as little as $20,000!"

"A few keystrokes and you can see the building structure glowing through transparent walls..."

"Designers are using these workstations to minimize tedious work, freeing up time for the creative side of design..."


Do you mean to tell me that NASA had VR goggles before the fellows who invented Oculus Rift were even born????

Have some Autodesk Software: "After the customers wishes have all been satisfied, the computer will generate blueprints and calculate costs"

1989.... A year on the bleeding edge.