Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BIM: Value and Challenge

Good god.  two months since my last post....a shame.  I have been busy as can be...making trouble and such.

From the BIMPhilosopher desk:
I got approached by FuturArc, an architecture magazine published in South East Asia, to write an article about BIM.  I wrote about how negligible labor costs in Asia don't provide the strong impetus for change by either builders or clients.  Maybe its interesting to somebody...BIM: Value and Challenge

From the Office of National BIMplementation:
I am have been solicited to act as a mouth piece for Singapore's Building Construction Authority and introduce the Singapore National BIM Guide.  A document put forth by the government to assist firms in meeting the mandate for BIM use in Singapore by 2015.  Very interesting document, that i am pleased to have been a part of developing, though I can't yet post it here.  But if you happen to be in the area, there will be many great speakers at this year's BuildSmart Conference @ Singapore Marina Bay Sands, and Thursday the 17th is all about BIM.

From the Anti-Podean BIM Hit Squad
I am going to RTC Australia later this month to speak about some of the work we did at ARUP surrounding the Singapore National Stadium.  It was a big Revit party...The title of the talk is something about "Nine Pregnant Women Can't Make a Baby in One Month"  I better get started on the slides....RTC Australasia....Wollongong here i come....

And Finally
From Center For The Promotion of 3D Monkey Business
I am putting together a lengthy post about how I made these forms in the Revit Conceptual Massing Environment....Now THAT's a story!