Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TOP 10: Secrets to Successfully Integrating BIM...

Like many BIM professionals, i get bulk mailers about BIM news.  I usually give them a cursory glance, but rarely does anything really carry any weight or grab my attention.I met the author, Robert Mencarini, at an Autodesk Revit Gunslinger event several years ago.  I remembered him because the dude was ON FIRE!  Really passionate fellow.  I was interested in what he had to say and i wasn't dissapointed.

"BIM is both a technology and a process. This forces firms to reevaluate how they produce their design services. The winners will differentiate themselves by focusing on producing services that their clients expect, such as those that impact time, money and quality."

Though the article is supposedly focused on health care facilities, I think he did a great job of clearly and concisely expressing the principles behind the 3d sandbox we are all playing in. Here is the Article:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

DYNAMO Tutorial Presentation

For the past year, i have been running an informal Advanced Revit training series in Singapore.  Last week I walked through a couple of exercises in DYNAMO to illustrate some key functions of the platform.

I figured i would make the materials generally available if anyone else wants to take a stab at it.  Maybe a good start to build a training session.  It took about 90 minutes to get through the material.  A guy on the development team came and he thought it was pretty cool.

You can download the dataset and presentation here:

Have a nice day.