Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I thought he was referring to me

Its a very interesting article.  It seems that a lot of the facts are finally bubbling up through the fiction.  It doesn't discredit us, but a more realistic picture is coming to the fore.

"While I like the vision and the commitment to this drive to improve efficiency in the UK construction market, I am worried about where we are now as an industry versus where Mr Morrell wants the industry to be in five years, especially considering the capabilities of the current BIM software, the average user’s skill-set and the general lack of experience in completing 3D BIM projects in the UK.

The other dynamic at play here is the ingrained culture of working and the contract structures that do not reflect the shared risk/rewards that a truly collaborative project would require. BIM is not just about buying some software and training, it is about learning to work with other project participants differently and striving to make efficiencies."

All the more reason i am thrilled to see governments kicking industry in the a55 to get moving on this.  The same process is underway in Singapore, although with a bit more financial support from the government.

The technology isn't new.  It isn't 'untested'.  Lets cut the crap and get on with it already.

Today i was in a meeting with one of the design directors from one of the largest projects going on in the country and representatives from the Building Construction Authority.  In explaining his company's position on mandating BIM for the job , this design director gave me the quote of a lifetime.

"We are builders.  We count every nut and bolt.  If we didn't believe this was worth it, we wouldn't be doing it.  We're not doing it because of a theory.  We aren't doing it for the future.  We are doing it because its what we need to do in order to finish this project effectively"

I owe that guy another pack of imported contraband chewing gum.