Sunday, May 30, 2010

Large Projects in REVIT - Information Compilation

I am getting ready to do a pretty large project using Revit.  Since i generally spend more time engaged in 3d monkey-business, rather than setting up projects, I knew i needed to do some research.

As I poked around on the web, I saw the same 2 questions over and over:
The Pessimists: "Can REVIT do large projects?"
The Optimists: "What are the setup techniques for a large project in Revit"

I gathered alot of very helpful data and i think i am off to a pretty good start.  In the spirit of peace and love, I wanted to post links to all the document's i found because it might be helpful to others.

AU 2006 - Techniques for Managing Large Projects in Autodesk® Revit®.pdf - Handout for AU Presentation by James Vandezande - Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
AU 2008 - Managing Large Projects in Revit® Architecture.pdf - Handout for AU Presentation by Lonnie Cumpton - BIM Traininer, Friedmutter Group
AU 2008 - Managing Large and Complex Revit® Models.pdf - Handout for AU Presentation by Erleen Hatfield – Thornton-Tomasetti

AU 2008 - Collaboration and Large Project BIM.pdf - Handout for AU Presentation by Elizabeth A Chodosh & Gary T McLeod – Cannon Design
AU 2009 - Chaos__Multidiscipline, Multi-Firm, Multi-Location.pdf - Handout for AU Presentation by Eric Kuszewski + Eric Mitchell + Liz Raycroft - KlingStubbins

Sharing the Work in Revit - AECbytes Tips and Tricks by Bill Knittle - Synergis Design Applications Engineer, Building Solutions  This is a really thorough explanation of worksets.  Its a little old but the fundamental concept is explained quite well.

36 Best Practices for Large Projects in Revit  - Concise and to the point blog post from Revitize

And last, a paper from the Mothership about getting Revit to work real good:
Autodesk Revit 2010 - Model Performance Technical.pdf - Starts with a section on system and network setup but then gets into some very good guidelines for model setup and modeling techniques for better performance

To those who actually did this work, i offer my thanks.  It has helped me alot and i hope others will find this compilation helpful as well.

And finally, some ridiculous pictures: