Thursday, July 2, 2015

RTC Asia 2015 – Event Schedule and Costs Announced

Did you know that the class schedule and event costs for RTC Asia 2015 have been posted on the website? If not, you need to hustle yourself over to the RTC EVENTS SITE RIGHT NOW!

The Full Schedule with the list of ~60 classes is here
The table of registration fees is here

Earlybird Registration starts on Monday July 6th but only lasts until the 17th, but there are limited slots SO GET IN QUICK!

Attendance at the event will also give you the opportunity to sit for the Certified Revit Professional Exam for free.  This is a S$500 value!  Again limited slots are available so sign up fast.

Special group rates will be available for 5 or more people from the same organization.  Special rates for students and professors as well.

Prepare yourselves.  Get your ducks in a row.  Get your affairs in order.  Get your manager’s credit card.  Get ready. The time is nearly upon us.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Making the Sausage 102: Setting the Schedule for RTCAsia 2015

Do you know about RTC?  Next September, an epic BIM event is being planned to gather Revit heads & BIM-Geeks in Singapore for 3 days of focused training.  75 classes taught by global Reviteers from all disciplines.  If you live, breathe, eat and sleep BIM, this is the place for you....more info to come.

Monday, March 2, 2015

BIM is Too New, We Still Need Time to Figure it Out!

If you have been in this business for as long as I have, that statement sounds less like business reality and more like an admission of laziness and avoidance of a changing marketplace.

Occasionally, I am lucky enough to find artifacts which backup my (pointed) opinion.  This weekend at a thrift store I found a stack of old issues of National Geographic.  This one from June 1989 caught my eye...

Who wouldn't want to walk down memory lane and see the hot & sexy computer graphics of yester-year!  I got an eyeful.

"Intergraph now sells workstations with graphics software packages for as little as $20,000!"

"A few keystrokes and you can see the building structure glowing through transparent walls..."

"Designers are using these workstations to minimize tedious work, freeing up time for the creative side of design..."


Do you mean to tell me that NASA had VR goggles before the fellows who invented Oculus Rift were even born????

Have some Autodesk Software: "After the customers wishes have all been satisfied, the computer will generate blueprints and calculate costs"

1989.... A year on the bleeding edge.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Have you been looking for a way to roll a trip to SEA into a business expense?  Look no further!

RTC is having its first ever Asian event in Singapore!

Submit your abstract here!

Singapore is a pretty righteous place to visit on its own but its a short flight from several south east asian tourist destinations!  Phuket, Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Yangon, Angkor Wat!  All accessible by short hops on budget carriers!


Come one!  Come all!  Lets make it the BIGGEST & BESTEST RTC EVER!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Revit Basics: Display Configurations and Graphic Display Options

So i have been doing a Forum for Advanced Revit Training in Singapore for the last year or so... trying to bring a bit of AU to South East Asia.  Last night, I had the first event at Autodesk's local office.  Had about 40-50 interested Reviteers show up.

I gave an hour talk on Categories, Display Configuration, Graphic Display Options and then a few tips to make graphics that pop.  The presentation and dataset can be downloaded from here if anyone is interested  in some free training materials.

Farts 2.01: Display Configurations In Depth

I also reference a presentation given by David Light and Jason AU 2011 called GRAPHICS THAT POP.  The class really opened my eyes to some of the possibilities. Their material can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

Looking forward to doing this about once per month and will continue to post up the lessons to float them out to the far reaches of the interwebs.  Its all part of my efforts to save the world one model at a time.