Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can I go blind from using WORKSETS by myself?

I work solo alot and i don't mind a bit. I get to do alot of interesting work that i am quite passionate about it. I get to explore many different avenues and abilities of REVIT that would be difficult if i was tied to the monogamy of a single project. I get to spend big chunks of time, looking at BIM-Porn on the internet and getting paid for it (BUILDZ is always soooooo sexy...I love Zach's deep voice in his videos..)

One of the consequences of pounding it out alone though is that i have never really had reason to play with 'worksets'...until I got this wacky model come across my desk the other day:

My job was to extract the grids from all the orange panels in the interest of structural analysis and downstream manufacturing. The model had come from the architcet with a whole bunch of worksets and all the facade panels were grouped together....easy enough to isolate, but still too damn many to work on all at once. So here is what i did.

First i picked the Panels i wanted to keep together and i put them in distinct worksets.

After the the worksets were created and the panels isolated, I turned the panels into a group and then exported them by right-clicking over the name in the GROUPS area of the project browser (process shown shown in the next 3 images).

and then BANG! I have an exported model of just the pieces I want.  INDO-BOY The API-Genius wrote me an add-in to pull the model lines out of the curtain grid.  Add some dimensions to check the modulation against the Archi-documents, export to DXF so my engineers can do the analysis in their software, and i am on the plane to Phuket by 6pm...

I am not afraid to admit that i use worksets all myself....and still haven't found any hair on my palms!

Out of curiosity, do i have ANY female readers (other than Lira)?  Somehow i doubt it.....I have been wondering if we could put together a Ladies of AU Calender this year....but somehow i think that would be a long shot...

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