Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Lost Art of Lunch & The Imperial Samurai Boba-Fett

Howard Stern went to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago.
(...any BIM-Blog post that starts off like this is bound to be interesting so bear with me)
As he was discussing the trip, Howard talked about how Jimmy Kimmel has a vintage WELCOME BACK KOTTER lunch box on the shelf in his office.

Which really got me thinking about my childhood lunch boxes.  And I'll tell the truth here and say that i can't remember a single one of them.  But there is something about this genre of art that, in adulthood, i find quite compelling.  So i started looking around and i found this joker, whose collection is significantly larger than Jimmy Kimmel's:
But here is where it gets juicy...with a little more searching i found this blog post...and links to any blog featuring STAR WARS kitsch absolutely belong on my BIM site:
I don't think i actually had a STAR WARS box, but i am sure that if i saw one, i envied the owner.  And by clicking through a link on that page, i found what is probably the geek-iest damn thing i have ever seen.

But it is sooooo cool....

I am confident that anyone who makes their living off BIM and actually reads Revit oriented blogs, will think so as well...The Imperial Samurai Boba-Fett:

I will never need another desktop wallpaper.....


  1. This may officially make you a Geek among Geeks. Bravo, bravo...

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