Friday, January 15, 2010

Revit Curtain Wall Panel By Pattern: OmniGrid Explorations

I am an inquisitive chap and I knew these CURTAIN WALL PANEL BY PATTERN elements existed but i was very uncertain about why they were useful or what i could do with them.

I had some time on my hands and so opened the OmniGrid 4x4.rfa family and played around a bit.

This is what i came out with.

I made a copy of the OmniGrid 4x4.rfa in my own library and begun.  First, I lace a SPLINE THROUGH POINTS, using the reference points already in the template.  Then, draw circles with radius parameters at the ends of the splines.

Loft the circles along the reference line paths.

The forms become more interesting by playing with the radius parameters.

I load the pattern into a CONCEPTUAL MASS FAMILY and then apply it to a surface.  This is Type 1, equal radii at both ends of the splines, with equal lengths for width and height of the pattern.

Here I keep the square pattern spacing, but change the radii at the ends of the splines

Now, start to play with the pattern spacing aspect ratio

And the other direction...

The swastika/shofar arrangement was interesting (and quite offensive to my mother), but it wasn't giving me the bang for the buck i was looking for.  I could get similar results by mapping a material.

I really want to play with these patterns in 3D and see what happens, so I took a look at a woven arrangement.

Again with the OmniGrid 4x4.rfa, but this time I put in some lines shooting into the Z-Plane and use them to guide my reference splines.  Circles drawn same as before.

Lofting along the splines.

Adjusting the radii to add some drama.

Applying the pattern, with a square spacing arrangement

Square pattern with adjusted radii.

And now i start stretching it around this way...

...and that way...

...and this way....

Gets a little more interesting....but I don't know exactly what i would do with it....A cool woven wall arrangement i suppose.

If you have any ideas, let me know....I'll give it a shot.


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