Friday, June 3, 2011

Complex Rigging pt.3 - and now for something completely useless

Once i saw Phil Read's crazy star.  I tried to build it and succeeded.  but this was long before i figured out how to use surface patterns and nodes.  This is going to be a little variation on the star things, with a bit of David Light's ideas about helixes thrown in.

Make 3 reference circles with parameter-driven radii.  Connect them and suck in the waist line.

divide the surface so that there are only 2 panels vertically. 

Go to the SURFACE REPRESENTATION and pick NODE.  Place Reference Points on the appropriate nodes.  Pick them 3 at a time and hit the CONNECT POINTS WITH LINES button.  Once you have gone all the way around, you should have something like this

 I placed a reference point on each leg which hosts a circle to make some bones.  I dunno why but i had to do this individually for each leg....and i got this:

I brought the assembly into a project environment, copied it and rotated it a bit and got this:

see...absolutley worthless...