Saturday, November 27, 2010

Curtain Panel Truss Applied to Other Forms

These are images of some additional messing around i did with the Panel Truss Idea.  I think it it starts to bust through the "You Can't Do That in Revit" Glass Ceiling.  Only limit is our imaginations right?  But first, one more plug....

Come see me, THE BIM TROUBLEMAKER, at AU 2010.  Myself and 2 other VERY talented and experienced Revit users will be presenting the course:

Course number AB327-4  Wedensday after lunch

If you aspire to be a family building bad-ass, don't miss this class....seriously!
When David B. from Do U Revit taught this course in 2008, he turned me into the troublemaker I am.  Hope to see YOU there!

And now...more truss panel monkey business....

Tower/Column Form
The horizontal divisions were created using DIVIDE by INTERSECTION

Wavy Surface

Mobius Truss

and now...onwards to Vegas....

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